The space between us

This is the post excerpt.


So I finally have committed to start  my daily blog after a lot of useless thinking and just sheer laziness- and a whole lot of excuses. ” I don’t have a proper laptop” “And what’s in it for me” ” Why would anyone read me”. Sheer excuses of the idle mind! Honestly sometimes just being in your comfort zone and not daring to take risks and make life a twenty weeny difficult just keeps us away from our dreams.

So here is it- a resolve ( I shudder to call it a resolution as I’ve never been able to ever keep up to my resolutions I made every New Year’s eve) to pen down just random ramblings of the resolved Kaysha mind. And trust you me- lots goes on in there. 

Just a bit about me for those of you who don’t know me and those of you who think you know me- actually I’m honestly a very private person and no one really knows me; the many split personalities I have probably take over at different times. I don’t even know who I truly am at times. The crazy girl who dances like a nymph to good music after some spirits, the spiritually seeking yogini in search for the truth or a spirited mum whose got her horns up with her kids?

I guess we all have split personalities because we all play different roles in our lives. As I’ve just begun my new decade I guess I’m searching for my true essence and my true calling. Yes yes, they all say that – but truly I believe I’m here to do something purposeful and the search is on!

And like they say the most powerful way to get to the universe is to project yourself to it. I’ve read so many spiritual and enlightened people and they all have the same thing to say- like a broken recorder stuck at your favourite number. True enlightenment can only be found from within and no one in this world has the power to make you happy but yourself.

And often times I’m the victim of my own thoughts and ramifications, wallowing in self pity about God knows what. Truly I don’t have it so bad- life’s been good all these years. And still my mangled mind manages to manifest a problem every single day and daunt in despair. So much for positivity and praise!

I want to start this month counting my blessings and giving thanks for everything I have – often times I even take my breath for granted, not realising that God ( or whatever u call it) has given it to me.

Blessing 1- being a mother. 

I think it’s the best feeling in the world. I would be born again as a woman just to be a mom. The unconditional love a mum has for her child is uncountable. I can’t love anybody the way I love my kids and when I read about child abuse by parents – I shudder and my goosebumps rise. How could someone hurt their child? Who is soinhumanely capable?

As my kids enter their teenhood – Rivaa is 14 going 24 and a tech whiz whose wings are waiting to fly and Aarav is 12 going 2, my lil baby whose so protective of me and worships the ground I tread on. Till puberty hits him and he sees the beauty of other women! Not hoping that comes soon. 

As I interact with my Internet exposed and very GK savvy kids- I realise there is a space between us; they come from a different generation and as modern and chic as I claim myself to be- I don’t fit. I’d never be them and I’d never understand them fully. 

Parenting is as crazy as circumnavigating the globe without a map really- there isn’t a manual for every individual child; raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare and at times I choose defeat. I choose the battles to win and let them win some. But trust me-it’s a full time job as many opposed to believing it to be easy.

I believe my kids are meant for greatness and I keep telling them that every day. All kids need a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them.

Off for some mummy therapy time- savouring every minute of the last few years I have with them before they fly off my nest into the big bad world; soaring their wings and ekeing out their futures.

But listen to me,

For one moment quit being sad…

Hear blessings dropping their blossoms around you.

– Rumi

With my blessings.

Do we all need a life coach?

06.02.17- T2

Woke up this morning all zesty and alive and ready for a new adventure. Like I said the search is on. And I came stumbling upon a life coaching programme. And in that moment of fury and impatience decided to sign up.

I think we all need a life coach- someone to guide us to achieve our goals and dreams. And it’s interesting to know that a life coach isn’t a mentor or a consultant or a counsellor.

The difference between those and a life coach is that a life coach is a generalist and helps his/her clients establish goals and objectives and makes the client find their own solutions from their own experiences. A life coach encourages his client to discover their potential and take ownership of their actions. 

Unlike a consultant who brings forth opinions based on his experience and expertise, a life coach tells his client to find solutions based on their own capacity – that means basically anyone is coachable.

I think it’s the way to go. Our future generations are all going to be very intelligent and their over intelligence due to the media isn’t truly a good indication of their success. Children are scoring two grades higher than their predecessors from twenty years ago but aren’t generally smarter.

This focus on Ivy League and Oxbridge has got the whole world into a rat race to thrive to  be their best and thus burn out. So here comes your life coach- to show u perspective and make you set realistic goals and make sure you  don’t give up. Someone who believes you and your abilities.

So yours truly has signed up a life coach certification with IACC. You are never too old to begin again, to learn something new each day and to create a happy ending for yourself. You are never too old for a new dream and a new goal. This time I’m hoping I don’t give up like I usually give up my other frivolous pursuits.

The most important things in life aren’t usually things. And I’ve begun to realise this. This thrist for knowledge is growing.

Blessing 2 – a fit strong body 

I thank God everything for my fitness, strength and stamina. And also the constant feverish determination I have to workout daily. Many people I talk to find fitness a chore; I look forward to my daily 2 hour of body loving and bask in the endorphins that make me glow. Honestly I’ve  ever been fitter in my life. I make sweat my best accessory and I can run faster than my mascara!

I’ve always grown up being obsessed with weight loss and trust u me, I’ve tried all the freaky diets in the world(I will blog about my wierd diets soon) and have been worried about just numbers on the scale. Now I hae chucked the scale out. I realise strong is the new sexy and honestly I’ve gone one full round and all I have to say us I’ve learnt one word – MODERATION..

It’s all about balancing the workouts and the nutrition- and consistency is key. People come up to me and tell me I don’t look my age and how do I manage to look like this at 40. I smirk and think to myself – I wasn’t born like this! It’s hard bloody work ( which is my passion and I love it so it doesn’t seem that hard really)

It’s not how good you look-up it’s how good you feel. And at 40, I can say with utmost pride I feel like  a million dollars. 

So wake up,

Work out,

Look hot,

Kick Ass!!!!

It never gets easier, you just get stronger!